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02-09-2016 Metal coatings

After a long time of research and development Schitterend brings its own unique metallic coatings and patinas on the market. Coating an object with a layer of metal ? Transforming a buste of clay in no time into a bronze statue ? Make a round bar of plywood and spray it with a coating developed by Schitterend so that it becomes a copper bar instantly?

While searching for cool finishes for my 3D products. I got the idea to make coatings that can turn any object into a metal object. After months of study ,experimentation, testing and some major successes have succeeded in the development of special metal coatings and patina's that can change a flat or round object , large or small very quickly in a gorgeous shiny metal. The philosopher's Stone? No, just a superior finish that is easy for anyone to apply. On the basis of resins or acrylics, spraying or painting, with or without a patina patina. Schitterend metal coatings can be used for any object.

A round bar of wood, a bust of plaster, particle board and the front door of the refrigerator in the kitchen everything new or old can now be fitted with a Schitterend coating that gives the object a metallic finish.

1. Brass

2. Red Copper

3. Bronze

4. Goldcolor

5. Nickel Silver

6. Iron

7. Brass


A. Acrylic-based

B. Synthetic resin


1. With Patina

2. Without patina

Each metal finish can be provided with a patina which makes the metal -made object looks like it 's been years.

Contact us and ask for the possibilities allowed by the Gorgeous metal coatings

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