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15-09-2014 Gilding a cast iron house name and lantern

Last week I was commissioned by painting company Groenewegen to gild different architectural ornaments for a beautiful stately home in Wassenaar (in the west of The Netherlands).

Since in advance it was not 100% clear which objects had to be gilded, and I knew there was a tight deadline, I adapted my preparations and techniques accordingly. The final activities were accomplished by me it in one long day, where it normally would take two to three days. And that with a first-class quality gold leaf gilding which can be enjoyed by the residents for many years to come.

First I had to apply gold lead on the house name. The name was of iron letters which were first protected against rust, through different coating-systems, by the painting company. Next I gilded two ornate lanterns including the pinnacle on top of the lantern and the cast iron bracket, decorated with acanthus leaves style elements. 
Last but not least I had to gild the ornamental top of a flagpole.

It was a long day but the shine of the gold is unparalleled and something to be proud of. As well for me as for the painting company and the house owners. If you click on the picture (left), a photo-slider will emerge in which you can see many photos of the process of gold leaf gilding.

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