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Erik Winkler - an artist with a passion for crafts
 Schitterend ..... That's Erik Winkler. Erik Winkler is the only glass artist in The Netherlands that makes richly decorated glass art according to traditional techniques such as gilding, silvering, hand painting, glass etching, wood and marble imitations.
Taught young
 Where does this interest in crafts from? First we go back in time. In 1972 Erik was born in Amsterdam. His parents got him acquainted with history, art and architecture at an early age by taking him along to museums, mansions, churches and cathedrals during holidays. So he learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship in art. In addition, he looked from childhood over his father's shoulder as he was gilding, decoration painting or screen printing for his work. So Erik's love for beautiful things was set at an early age.

Art Historian
 His second interest in chemistry led him to the Chemistry Department at the University of Amsterdam. Although this fascinated him immensely and still does, he saw himself not working as a chemist in a laboratory. It resulted in a switch and after a year Erik decided to study Art History. In 1999 he graduated at the subject 'Ages and Renaissance' and since then he can put the title ‘MA’ (master in art history and archeology) behind his name.
Family Business
 After his graduation he and his brother adopted the family business Dekoration Studio Ferry Winkler from his parents. A company that is specialized in all kinds of advertising services, such as car wrapping, advertising boards, banners, stands and full color printing for more than 35 years. In the studio Erik is responsible for (graphic) design, production and installation. Although he considers it challenging work, he wanted it more. Erik believes, and many with him, that we live in extravagance economy where many products are thrown away because of inferior quality, partly due to lack of knowledge of crafts. Erik therefore wants to make monumental objects and decorations; Things that can be admired by many people for many centuries.

Studying crafts
 In recent years he was trained in various techniques including gilding, silvering, glass etching, painting, mother of pearl inlay and many, many other craft decoration techniques. Evenings, nights, months and years he spent on research, study and courses. To practice even more he has followed several courses abroad, including Canada, USA, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic. All this knowledge and skills he now applies in his artworks.
Schitterend (Superb) work
 His work is best described as artistic glass jewels on the wall, creative glass decorations and beautiful gilded and silvered objects, both applied in a classic and modern style. You will see that much time is spent in applying the crafts; Unique in style and with attention for details.
 So you want to enjoy contemporary glass art in a traditional jacket of gold, silver and mother of pearl? At Schitterend beautiful glass art is to be admired and for sale. Erik Winkler gives you a warm welcome!

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