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07-05-2018 3D sign for Ferry Winkler

I recently came to the conclusion that no item was ever written about the 3D sign that we made for Ferry Winkler. This is quite a shame as it is a real hit on Youtube and is used by many professionals around the world as an online course on how to make an eyecatching 3D signage out of wood.

We wanted a new billboard for our own facade by Dekoratie Studio Ferry Winkler.
Erik Winkler decided that this should be a 3D board with all the old and new artisanal techniques that had been learned so far.
It would be a wood board that is blasted in America and Canada to obtain a very distinctive surface. It is further hand-painted, with 3D round and gold-plated letters, a 3D board with black glass grains and as an extra with a glue chipped glass panel partially gilded with gold leaf behind the glass and the remainder silver plated with chemicals. The plate was made in the evenings and on weekends, the photos were made by Marlies Mulder van Schrijfzinnig, which all those nights and weekends did her work for writing. A true masterpiece, where the road to it is just as beautiful as the result.
There was, however, one problem ... cars that normally rushed into our premises on the industrial estate at great speed were now on their brakes with squealing tires to watch the sensational 3D billboard.
No accidents have happened so far.

Below is a Youtube video of a photo (made by Marlies Mulder of Schrijfzinnig) compilation and on the left the big photo that can be clicked, so that some of the photos can be viewed one by one in the photo slider.

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