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10-09-2016 3d Stone tablet for an house

A proud house owner gave me the assignment to design and produce a new 3d stone tablet for an house with a Finch and a text in a Dutch font of around of 1930.

The Finch had to be a stylized version and the rest I could decide. When designing I started with the depth in the feathers, the body, the head and the text. In addition, I also took into account the neat disposal of rainwater that might collect during a downpour in the background of the plaquette . The whole illustration is designed in Illustrator, translated into 3d with a CAD program and then prepared for producing the 3d tablet. The 3D plaque is then provided with different priming strokes and satin shiny colors. The property and the new brick has now become a symbiose with the house that will keep each other company for many years to come: 3d Stone tablet for an house.

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