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19-06-2013 Brilliant silver glass spheres

"Could you silver my spheres?" someone recently asked Erik from Schitterend. The applicant, a Dutch artist, had three hand blown glass spheres, in three different sizes and shapes. They were all hollow on the inside. As the only in The Netherlands Erik can manually silver, whether it is a sphere, cube, pyramid or flat object. So the answer to the question was "Yes, I can".

After the artist had delivered her spheres at Erik’s studio in Diemen, they were thoroughly cleaned. The smallest contamination could result in a splotchy result after the silvering process. Only after that Erik could start the chemical silvering. Of course he took all the necessary protective precautions: clothing, respirator and gloves. Apart from the fact that silvering is not completely safe, because of all the chemicals used, this project was quite heavy. Literally heavy. Added to that, the spheres were not very handy because of their shape. Therefore physically a challenge to uniformly silver the glass spheres whilst moving.

The result was beautiful; the artist was very pleased and could exhibit her spheres as planned.
Curious about the gorgeous silver spheres? Click on the left side of this page on the photo slider.
Do you have your own glass (art) object you want Erik to silver? Please contact Schitterend.

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