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10-12-2014 Gilding Breedendam Yacht ornaments

Today I restored and gilded a gold painted lion-ornament and a flagpole (wich was covered with patches of imitation leaf) with real gold leaf.

The boat ornaments belong to a beautiful wooden boat ( Breedendam Yacht) .
A Dutch product that adorns the wooden rudder with a gold lion and a Dutch flag.
In the past the lion was treated roughly with imitation leaf and bad thick paint layers.
So many details were lost and the famous gold luster was not present.
The first step was to remove the thick layers of paint and re- paint system in place of the lion.
After this the preparation could be made for the gilding. We have chosen the best quality extra thick gold.
The pictures on the left show how the new luster of the gold leaf on the lion and gives the boat respect .
Then the ornament atop the flagpole had to be stripped of the old imitation leaf and several coats of paint.
The flagpole ornament also lost a fragment of wood. This piece was reproduced by me and applied on the empty spot..
Then the ornament was painted in a good paint system and then gilded with gold leaf.
You can see the proces in the pictures on the left and if I say so myself:

The results are impressive.

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