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11-07-2012 Gilding demonstration in Painting Museum Enkhuizen

In the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen lies the picturesque Painting Museum. During summer season master teachers of the prestigious painter school Nimeto (Utrecht, The Netherlands) give demonstrations.

Demonstrations faux painting and gilding
Proudly I joined on 7 July last Jan Berghuis and Jaap Meinsma, two highly motivated, highly experienced master painters and teachers in the art of decorative painting techniques. During the day both men demonstrated to the interested public the art of wood imitation and marble imitation painting. And while they were busy, I gave a demonstration of behind-glass gilding with gold leaf. The reactions to the work of the three of us were very enthusiastic. At the end of the day we went home, tired but satisfied and with hoarse voices of the constant talking.

Painting Museum
The Painting Museum is housed in the Outdoor Museum of the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. The collection of the Painting Museum is housed in a former paint shop and decoration workshop. A third building serves as a depot.
Around 1870 Reindert Jonkman, who worked in his father's painting shop, a wooden painting shop was built on a courtyard between the Torenstreet and Westerstreet in Enkhuizen. In 1973 the shop had to make way for new shop. The shop was then transferred to the outdoor museum. In large segments the shop was moved to its present location, and there re-built in its original state.
The workshop, in earlier times called "store", was traditionally the location for the craftsman to arrange his activities in a familiar environment, surrounded by his materials and tools.

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