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02-01-2018 Gilding in Amsterdam

In this page I show a number of recent assignments of gilding that we have executed in Amsterdam and other cities.

Gilding is a profession!
Unfortunately, the expensive material is often not used to its full, shiny potential or even ruined. Also in Amsterdam and in the rest of the Netherlands you often see a gilding that is not well executed. How can you recognize a good gilding? How do you see whether a gilding assignment has been carried out correctly or not properly?
1. A good gilding shines like a mirror.
2. A good gilding lasts for years, sometimes up to 50 years.
3. A good gilding does not flake away or delaminates after a while.
4. A good gilding maintains its luster and does not turn matt after a while.
5. A good gilding takes time and can not be completed within a few hours.
6. A good gilding requires a top quality pre-treatment which will protect the material underneath.
7. A good gilding uses the right carat height to prevent oxidation.
8. A good gilding is done with the best quality gold leaf.
9. A good gilding takes account of the environment where the object to be gilded will stand.
etc etc

Here I will show a different number of objects of gilding in Amterdam and surroundings where all these points have been taken into account. That is why one gilding is never the same as the other gildings.
If you have any questions or want to have an object gilded yourself, please contact us.


Gilding a dragon for a sundail in Amsterdam

Gilding antlers in Amsterdam

Gilding a lion for a luxery yacht in Amsterdam

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