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07-06-2014 Handpainting the window of Cafe in 't Aepjen in Amsterdam by hand

Recently a window of “Café in 't Aepjen” (translated: Café in the Monkey) on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam was unfortunately broken down. This was a window that had been painted at least 30 years ago with the typical Amsterdam Curl Letter. Erik Winkler, of Schitterend, has taken up the brush to paint the original text on a replaced window and this way he restored history.

First I looked at how the original painting must have been. Based on that design I started the project. It is important to make the glass of the window very clean. Then I used the best brushes available and painted the curly letters from thick to thin with white paint on the cafe window. With a bit of luck this window will remain for at least 100 years.

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