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23-01-2013 Muslin glass for your house

Nowadays, you have plenty of choice in how you to decorate the windows in and around your house and how you can simultaneously protect yourself against people how look inside, because privacy is obviously very important. Muslin glass is one way to decorate. Muslin (or Mousseline) glass is decorative glass that is used for example as a fanlight, en-suite door or partition.

Another possibility to decorate glass is to apply an etched foil or blind foil. However, in order to give your home that personal and cozy atmosphere of yesteryear, Schitterend can apply the Muslin technique on glass.

Muslin glass is glass that was made ​​by etching techniques from 1800 onwards. The characteristic of this glass is that it has a repeating pattern, such as as the lace patterns of the Iraqi town of Mosel, located just north of Baghdad, on the Tigris​​. To this city 'muslin glass' owes its name.
From 1800 these patterns were also used to give windows more privacy and atmosphere at the same time. Meanwhile the number of patterns has grown very extensively and each country has given it its own twist.

Schitterend makes Muslin glass on request in her studio in Diemen. We will show you all possibilities; You can determine the thickness, size and pattern. It is even possible to let us design your own pattern. Our delivery time is extremely fast, as we make Muslin glass in our own studio. If you want to see some examples of Muslin patterns then check out the Muslin page on this website or view the pictures on the left side of this page by clicking on the link.

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