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28-10-2020 Schitterend won is the Gold winner of the prestigious Fespa Award for the next two years!

I haven't posted a newsletter for a while, even though we make the most beautiful, unique and wonderful objects every day, I still wanted to mention this one.
We at Schitterend have won first place in the worldwide election of the most beautiful Sign at the International Fespa Award 2020 for the next two years!

Schitterend has won the prestigious Global Fespa Sign Award 2020 in the glass, ceramic, metal and wood products category. Thank you judges for rewarding us and thank you Arjan Knoppert from Beer Brewery AB Inbev for giving us the creative space to create this award-winning Stella Artois piece.

This Stella Artois glass panel of 3 x 0.85 meters is produced by sandblasting certain parts,
followed by the breaking of glass flakes on the back by glue and hand decorative decorative ornaments.
The resulting chipped decorative fragments are chemically silver-plated and hand-gilded with real goldleaf.
The logo was handlettered handpainted with black and red oilpaints.
The result is mounted in a wooden frame and signed with a brass made by Schitterend plaque.

Here the article on the website of Fespa 2020

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