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05-09-2016 Silvered glass art

During my glass study in the Czech Republic I learned the art of glass blowing and casting. In my quest for these techniques, I made a piece of art that includes chipping the glass in the inside of the mouthblown teardrop and silvering combined . The result is a very beautiful silvered glass art.

I learned myself to include glass blowing and casting glass during my studies in the Czech Republic. I made a piece of art that chipped the glass and silver combined . The result is a very nice silvered blown glass artwork. My design consists of a mouth-blown to clear ruby red transparent transaparante teardrop shape , which is filled on the inside with a concave shape . The surface of the inside I've broken into pieces after I cashed the inside dry . This silvered blown glass artwork weighs around 10 kilos and will shine on each side in a unique way the light in all directions . A beautiful object in any room of art collectors and lovely to look at and to hold.

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