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07-10-2013 The Schloss Museum in Murnau excited about Schitterend lecture.

For several years Schitteren has been a loyal visitor of the 'Hinterglaskunst' (reversed glass art) conference in Germany. Art lovers, collectors, artists, restorers, curators and museum directors are listening to lectures for two days. The lectures are given by experts from various countries. Last year, Erik Winkler was asked for his expertise on decorative (reversed) glass techniques. 4 and 5 October last Schitterend gave the kick-off lecture in the Schloss Murnau, this year’s host.

Erik Winkler 's one-hour German presentation 'Dekorative Glastechniken aus der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart - Herstellung und Verwendung' explained different techniques to decorate (reversed) flat glass, including etching, sandblasting, silvering and gilding. In addition, Erik told how other countries outside Germany and Bohemia, where the conference’s point of focus had been on, applied reversed glass tchniques. Erik also gave a little insight his techniques.

The presentation was a dynamic start of the conference and was enthusiastically received by the audience. Afterwards four of Schitterend's art works were admired by several people, both collectors and experts.

On the left you can click on the photo and see some pictures.

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