Gilding backsplashes

A popular feature in kitchens are splashbacks (backsplashes) of glass. They are very easy to clean and look absolutely stylish at the same time. Perhaps it is a little boring to use the solid colors which are offered by default by kitchen suppliers; Schitterend from Holland (the Netherlands) can make glass splashbacks in different designs. There is no limit to the design possibilities. Schitterend considers the splashback as a work of art for your kitchen, a perfect example of functional art.

Backsplashes are made ​​of 6mm tempered glass so that they meet the applicable safety standards. Tempered glass can for that matter be subjected to more heat than ordinary float glass. The edges of the panels are polished flat and cut-outs for electrical outlets can also be made. On the left side you see a link to a list with several splashback examples.

Schitterend designs and produces glass panels for partitions, screens or even pool fences. The materials are also suitable for outdoor use.

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