Gilding glass with goldleaf

Gilding glass with goldleaf and decorative silvering with silverleaf  are highly respected hand crafts. They were mainly used around 1900 in luxury shops, banks, cafes and breweries. Gilding on glass as a decorative element is a true profession. Mainly because the technique of glass gilding is quite complicated and very labor intensive. The effect of applying goldleaf on glass however, has a matchless brilliant shine. Your design can therefore not be compared to any other artwork. The technique is ideal for writing names and logos on windows. Erik Winkler from Schitterend is the fourth generation in the Winkler dynasty, and one of few in The Netherlands that knows lettering on glass in different carats of pure gold. One of the special techniques used by Schitterend is Verre églomisé, this is a technique where oil gilded or water gilded glass is engraved on the reverse side of the glass. Besides goldleaf on glass, you can also opt for palladium, silverleaf, or mixed metal leaf.

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