Gilding textile with gold leaf

Never such a high gloss and clean lines have been achieved with gilding gold leaf on fabric or cloth.

Worldwide shops are often adorned with luxurious canopies and awnings. Usually, these are also used as advertising material by the hanbdlettering and painting the name or logo of the store. Erik Winkler now has developed a technique whereby the handlettering and gilding of a marquis or canopy with gold leaf may be a more beautiful then ever before.

Letter painting and gilding of an awning or banner with gold leaf. This is rarely applied and is mainly because it is so incredibly difficult. Gold leaf is very thin, difficult to apply, the substrate can get cracka and the canvas itself suckes the up and therefore does not allow clean lines. From now on, these are all problems of the past, 'Scitterend' has developed a combination of techniques and thus achieved an unparalleled high gloss gilding without flared edges and crackling in the background. Gilding textile with gold leaf.

Overall a beautiful canopy with gold leaf gilded letters that the store will shine.

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