Schitterend works with opaque black glass

Back in The Netherlands: opaque black glass! Also known under synonyms such as marmorite, marbriet, marble glass, vitrolite and more exotic names like Sani Onyx and Carrara Glass. Opaque black glass is a non-transparent float glass which is colored through and through.

Opaque black glass was in the early 20th century very popular. It was applied for wall and ceiling coverings, mantelpieces, clock faces, table and counter tops, as well as for advertising purposes such as nameplates and facade panels.
Opaque black glass is delicate. Glass remains glass, breaks easily and was a valuable product to make. Therefore, at some point, opaque black glass became obsolete with the advent of cheaper alternatives. One by one glass factories, domestically and abroad, closed their doors and thus opaque black glass became unfortunately no longer available.

But fortunately this gorgeous glass is back! As one of the few in The Netherlands, if not the only one, Erik Winkler recently started working with opaque black glass. He applies it to tomb stones, nameplates, facade panels and art objects.

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