Other techniques besides gilding

Gilding is not the only craft Erik Winkler uses in his glass artworks and decorations. As the only one in The Netherlands Winkler masters a total palette of traditional techniques including:

Silvering of glass

As one of the few in The Netherlands Schitterend silvers glass by hand, which creates a mirror. But there is much more possible than only making mirrors: Schitterend can also decorate glass before it is being silvered. The decorations on the facets give a beautiful reflection.

Antique silvering of glass

A remarkable specialty of Schitterend is affecting the silver layer of a mirror in such a way it gets an antique-looking result. In some interiors an antique mirror fit than a 'new' mirror.

Etching of glass

With acid etching the surface glass is treated in a controlled manner. Schitterend is specialized in glass etching in different tones (colors) and creates with this technique artworks, partitions and decorated windows.

Mousseline etching of glass

With one tone (color) Mousseline decorating of glass Schitterend makes special partitions, en-suite doors, windows and skylights. Schitterend was able to reproduce many original patterns from the 19th century, but can also custom make contemporary patterns according to your wishes.

Sandblasting of glass

Schitterend sandblasts glass in different depths in order to create semi-transparent partitions, windows and doors, providing you with more privacy in your home or work environment.

Painting of wood imitations

Schitterend paints wood imitations for monumental restorations, but also for 'new' interiors. Decorative wood such as teak, oak and mahogany, with each their own kind of natural grain and color, can be copied.

Painting of marble imitations

Schitterend paints marble imitations on doors, walls, fireplaces, columns and art. The different types of marble that Schitterend can paint, like carrara, vert de mer and port d'or, are incredibly real.

Can you recognize the various techniques in Schitterend’s artwork?

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