Mousseline glass

Mousseling glass has been around since 1800 and is used for decorating furniture, partitions, skylights, windows, doors, sliding doors, or bathrooms. The glass has its name from cotton lace patterns that have their origins in the 7th century in Mosul, a city in Iraq.
Mousseline glass was first produced by means of etching away certain patterns, after which the higher-lying areas were sanded by hand to get a smooth matt result. From 1830 the patterns were etched into the glass by means of white-etching the glass with acid. Since the invention of the steam engine the patterns were sandblasted. The three techniques listed are mastered by Schitterend. Sand blasting is now the preferred technique as Mousseline glass only has one color tone.

We have managed to get hold of an original 19th century catalog, so we can reproduce many original patterns. Besides the many regular patterns that we have in our assortment, we can also custom make your own pattern.
Do you want to decorate the interior or exterior of your property? The possibilities are unlimited. Please contact us for more information.

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