L'art pour L'art glass art painting

L'art pour L'artL'art pour L'art verguld en verzilverd glas kunstwerk
width 57cm x height 104cm

L'art pour l'art (art for art sake) is a true masterpiece. Schitterend has incorporated various techniques, such as glass etching, gilding, silvering, hand painting, mother of pearl inlay and (a secret technique of) glass breaking. Schitterend is the only one in The Netherlands that masters this complete palette of traditional techniques.
This artwork complains a famous quote by Oscar Wilde: “art for art sake (l'art pour l'art)”.
It was a battle cry, a call for the freedom of art. It describes that art should be independent, should not have to have a meaning or purpose, should be free of all claptrap and to be must stand on its own.
L'art pour l'art is a unique piece of art: the splendor of gold and silver will surprise you every single time, both in natural and evening light.

Price: on request


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