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23-12-2012 Antique white acid etched glass restored as good as new

A narrow corridor. A pre-etched door window. A child at play. That's not a good combination. At least, not for the etched window .....

Customer called me with a sad voice that her corridory was full of broken glass. Was I able to restore her beautiful antique window in its old state? No. Schitterend can not do that. Schitterend can make a new replica that is based on the original design and traditional white acid etching techniques exactly similar to the antique window. "Please!" Said the customer and delivered a box filled with the debris they had swept of the ground.

If it were a big puzzle we have the glass pieces put back together. Thus, the pattern clearly visible and able to copy the design. Then we ordered new window glass and using traditional methods reproduced the different white acid etched tones. As you can see in the photo slider on the left we have the surface of the glass, after it was provided with the design, several times with acid edited. That is not entirely without risk, as you can see by the safety procedures of Erik Winkler; Includes protective clothing, apron, gloves and a respirator, he has the simple window glass transformed into a magnificent decorated panel that does justice to the pre-war, to smithereens reduced , original.

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