Antique mirrors

Do you want the glass of an antique mirror to be replaced? Or do you want to custom make a mirror with an antique look so that it better fits your interior? Then Schitterend is the place to be: Schitterend is specialized in creating custom-made antique mirrors. We are the only one in The Netherlands that still silvers glass by hand. We make mirrors both in contemporary designs as well as antique-looking mirrors.

If you need to replace a broken antique mirror during a restoration project, and at the same time maintain the history of both frame and mirror in the culture historical interior, then Schitterend is the one you need to call. Schitterend will finish the antique patina of the silver on the glass to the finest details. The mirrors are unbeatable and as far as we know nowhere else to be found: a unique addition to any interior, both business and private.

Mirrors are manufactured in 2mm to all the way to 30mm thick glass, but there are more options: for example Schitterend can offer you different kinds of cut facets. It is also possible to etch glass. Glass can be even brilliant cut before silvering. Interested? Please contact us for the various options and prices. So make an appointment with us today.

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