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03-02-2015 Gilded signs for yachts and houses

An old process in a new tight fitting jacket.... Wooden name plates in 5 layers of varnish which I hand-carved and gilded.

At Schitterend we also make beautiful wooden name plates. These are applicable for ships, boats, yachts, houses and villas.

It begins with the choice of the size, shape of the plate (which outline do you want?), the text / name and finish (do you want gold or perhaps silver?). At the moment that you made your choices, I will make a design which I will show you for your approval. After your approval I can start...

It is good to realize that only the best wood is suitable, because years of exposure to the weatherwill require a huge toll on the quality of the wood. After the sawing and forming of the panel, the next step is to cut or carve the text or name into the wood.
To ensure the quality the whole name plate is put in at least 4 layers of lacquer, so the wood will be protected all year around.
Then the finish in gold leaf begins. Gilding is a specialty of Schitterend and I apply it with the most careful attention.
Gilding is an art that only few people really know. Only knowledge and experience ensure you a brilliant bright gilding which continues to shine for years and years and years.

If you have questions about a name plate for your home, boat, yacht or ship, please contact me via the contact form.

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