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04-02-2014 Gilding box letters for Marks & Spencer

"Help! Can you gild 22 big boxed letters for one of our clients? And could you do that for next Monday morning?!" It's Friday afternoon. Two hours and then weekend starts. At Schitterend we always try to help our clients and that is why we accepted this challenge. The question was, of course, "Why are you calling me so late?! Barely two days to gild 22 boxed letters with gold leaf is almost a 'mission impossible’!" It turned out that the contract had initially been given to a recognized restorer, who had miscalculated the size and complexity of the project and therefore had returned it halfway. So… panic.

After a quick inventory of the 'what' (22 box letters), for 'whom and where' (Marks & Spencer in The Netherlands) and the stocked equipment, materials (such as gold leaf of course) and manpower we were able to make a commitment. Friday evening we received the boxed letters...
Saturday morning early we started this challenge: Gilding 22 boxed letters for Marks & Spencer. First, the surface of the boxed letter was prepared for gilding. Then we were able to start with the actual gilding. Finally the letters were polished beautifully. That may sound simple, but in order to make a perfect quality gilding in such a short period of time, planning, technique, perseverance and especially knowledge is required. Sunday afternoon the last gilded boxed letter for Marks and Spencer was polished and we were able to make our client very happy.

Curious about the results? See the photo slider on the left side.

Want your own box letters gilded? Or you want another object to be gilded? Ask us about the possibilities.

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