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13-01-2014 Restoration etched transom window

I recently received from an Amsterdam based construction company the question whether I could restore or reproduce a broken glass panel from 1925. "Yes, of course" was my reply. "The glass does have a specific design and special form for it is triangle-shaped" the construction company said. At Schitterend we love a challenge when it comes to restoring glass. Either by the sandblasting or etching technique of glass. A few days later the construction company delivered a box with a some pieces of broken glass...

The first step was to put the pieces together, like a jigsaw puzzle, in order to get a better picture of the shape and design. Once that was done, I recreated the design digitally with the latest computer design software, which took me a considerable number of hours. After the design was digitally reproduced the new glass could be cut to size, after which I could project the design onto the glass. The last step was sand-blasting or acid etching the triangular glass. I finally opted for etching the glass to approach the original, antique look and feel of the glass panel as best as possible. In the image slider on the left side you can see some photos; from the original triangular broken glass pieces to the final new glass reproduction.

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