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06-06-2013 Schitterend gilds Starbucks coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Finally it happened…. Last May Starbucks opened the doors of a new coffee shop on the Singel 480 in Amsterdam, on the famous Flower Market right in the city center, after weeks of rebuilding and decorating. Starbucks’ design team approached Schitterend with the request to make a gold leaf text on the shop windows.

The design team got its inspiration for this latest Starbucks coffee shop by Dutch design and architecture ánd the local identity of the Flower Market and canals. On the one hand this new shop has to tell the story of this famous coffee chain and on the other hand it has to bring the history of Amsterdam to life. A set of decorative elements in the shop clearly show this. The green marble counter refers to the grandeur of the canal houses of the Golden Age. The mural of coffee plants and the large collection of vintage vases filled with flowers give a feeling of one of the outside situated flower shops. And last but not least..... The gold leaf texts on the windows. These shine brightly when you stroll along the Singel. And that is exactly what Starbucks had in mind when they approached Schitterend: increasing attention and creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

Starbucks delivered to Erik Winkler of Schitterend the lines of text that had to be placed on the windows. In good consultation Schitterend selected a font that does justice to the atmosphere that Starbucks wants to reflect. Then Erik could start. The first step was to position the text at the desired height, on the inside of the window. In other words.... Erik had to apply the text in mirror. Then he gilded the text with 23.75 karat gold leaf. To further enhance the effect of the gilded text Erik finally hand painted a black outline.
Starbucks’ design team was and is very pleased with the result. Hopefully visitors of Singel 480 enjoy this decorative gilded view as much as their cup of coffee.

Curious about the result? Click on the left side on the photo slider.

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